This video provides an in-depth talk on how to family size your Kitchen Karate practice. The main points are bulleted below.

Family size your handfuls

We teach you to measure portion sizes by hand. You’ll need to use an imaginary family-sized hand.

Plan to spend more time

Expect to add a half-hour per adult to your overall cook time. But you can subtract half an hour for each adult helping you!

Recruit helpers

Consider yourself the CKO – Chief Kitchen Officer – of your household. It’s your job to delegate responsibilities to your “staff.”

Family Size It in the Freestyles, Not The Cook-Alongs

The Cook-Along videos demonstrate one person making meals for one. Stick to making meal for one person during the Cook-Alongs. You can hand out the meals to your family members to keep everyone fed while you go through the course but they will all be eating different meals. Then during the Freestyle sessions (and your whole life is a freestyle after the course) you can use the principles you learned in the course to family size your meal prep practice.

Dealing With Picky Eaters

We have tips during the course for dealing with your picky eaters. Some battles you can’t win, but some you can!

Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask First

Sometimes the best way to get your family on board with healthy eating practices is to set the example. If you are in the process of straightening out your own eating habits it may be wise to carve out some refrigerator space for your own prepped meals and then also feed the family as normal. This is double-duty for a time, but once you have your own meal prep sorted out and your family sees the effect on you and the delicious meals you are eating, they will be easier to pull on board.

Engage In Couples Karate

Work together side-by-side in the kitchen as a couple is a great way to spend time together while also doing something meaningful for your health. Check out this testimonial from a Karate Couple.

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