Learn the fastest, most effective way

to prep your meals for the week. 


Here’s how the crash course breaks down:

White Belt: Cooking Without Recipes

Total time: 1 hour

2o minutes of reading
Discover The 5 Moves of cooking.

40-minute video Cook-Along session
Create a delicious well-balanced meal without a recipe.

No cooking experience needed!

We teach you everything you need, including how to:
Pick ingredients
Determine serving sizes
Use a chef’s knife
Season with strategies rather than recipes
Decide which cooking method to use
Tell when things are done cooking
Plate up well-balanced meals

The course includes our 3 Guides To Cooking Without Recipes
Meat Temperature Chart

World Cuisines Seasoning Guide

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Yellow Belt: Meal Prep Without Recipes

Total time: 2 hours

20 minutes of reading
Learn all the fundamentals of meal prep, including:
meal planning

20 minutes of kitchen prep
Organize your kitchen for efficiency.

80-minute video Cook-Along session
Create three separate, delicious, well-balanced meals without using recipes.

The course includes our 3 Guides To Meal Prep Mastery
Weekly Meal Planner
Tool Checklist

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In just three hours, including cooking time, you will learn how to:

Break free of recipes for life
 Craft a meal prep practice to suit your diet, schedule, and taste buds

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We are not trying to suck you into an endless training exercise. Our goal is for you to GRADUATE from Kitchen Karate as a Black Belt in Meal Prep with healthy eating HABITS to last a lifetime. You could get there in as few as six weeks or as long as six months, depending on how quickly you train.

All in, you’ll spend less than $30 on skills that will likely save you $30 PER WEEK in reduced food costs, free up hours of time each week, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, allow you to develop healthy eating HABITS once and for all.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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