This course will guide you through the creation and implementation of a weekly meal-prep routine that:

  1. Frees up more time than it takes
  2. Is adaptable
  3. Produces meals you want to eat

The course comes with money-back guarantee.

New to meal prep? Start with Why Meal Prep

Veteran meal prepper? Read about our approach to weekly meal prep.


The course covers all aspect of weekly meal prep:

  • Shopping
  • Planning
  • Equipment
  • Cooking skills
  • Seasoning strategies
  • Kitchen organization
  • Workflow
  • Packing
  • Storing
  • Reheating
  • Making to-go meals
  • Family sizing it
  • Dealing with picky eaters
  • Adjusting as your life, diet, and schedule change and evolve

Have a special diet? Cooking for a family? Read our FAQ


This multi-media course comes with:

  • HD videos
  • Printable guides
  • Customizable shopping lists
  • Customizable meal plans
  • Written lessons and assignments

All the materials are yours to keep. You can use them any time you want, as often as you want.


The course is presented as a series of four-week programs which must be taken in order.

Each week consists of one Cook-Along and a series of Daily Lessons.

Although we call them four-week programs, the weekly schedules are for guidance only. You can start and stop the course whenever you want. You could complete a four-week program in as few as two weeks if you are super motivated (and super hungry!), or you could stretch the program over six weeks or longer.

Each “four-week” program has a particular focus:

  • Four Weeks to Mastery, which focuses on process, teaches the meal-prep routine.
  • Around The World in 28 Days, which focuses on flavor, helps you expand the variety of meals you create.
  • Four Weeks to Black Belt is our master’s program. Here, you will learn to add complexity and nuance to your meals.

To get more details on each  program click on The Courses


At the heart of the course are ten Cook-Along lessons progressing in difficulty from a White Belt-level to a Black Belt-level;

  1. White Belt (optional): one meal learning how to cook without recipes
  2. Yellow Belt: three meals at once (basic seasoning)
  3. Orange Belt: six meals at once (basic seasoning + dressings)
  4. Red Belt: nine meals at once (intro to flavor profiles)
  5. Green Belt: twelve meals at once (Mexican, Chinese, Italian)
  6. Turquoise Belt: twelve meals at once (French, Thai, Indian)
  7. Blue Belt: twelve meals at once (German, Moroccan, Middle Eastern)
  8. Purple Belt: twelve meals at once (soups and pan sauces)
  9. Brown Belt: twelve meals at once (purees and layered dishes)
  10. Black Belt: fifteen meals at once (all cuisines, all techniques)

The Cook-Along videos are shot in HD in a regular home kitchen.

You stream them over a mobile device in your kitchen while you cook. You can pause, rewind, and replay as often as you like.

Questions about connectivity? Read our FAQ

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 4.51.18 PM

Think of the Cook-Along videos like a fitness instructor putting you through your paces. You listen and look for visual cues as you engage in the activity.

Each Cook-Along guides you to produce meals to enjoy that week.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 4.54.09 PM

The Cook-Along videos are NOT meant to play while you sit. That would be like watching a fitness video instead of doing the exercises.

The Cook-Along videos show the entire process unedited.

They are broken into segments for easy navigation.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 4.58.49 PM

Each segment ends with a recap screen that allows you to catch up before moving to the next segment.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 5.00.09 PM

Each Cook-Along lesson is accompanied by a time-target.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 5.01.00 PM

These are provided to let you know whether you are ready to move to the next belt level. The choice is always yours. The Kitchen Karate police will not come to your house if you claim a belt before hitting the time target … but you will likely get in over your head on the next Cook-Along and have an unpleasant experience.

Experienced cooks who complete all the lessons can expect to progress through the belt levels without repeating any Cook-Alongs, while novice cooks will likely repeat Cook-Along sessions once or even twice, especially during the early belt lessons. By the middle of the course, after you have your kitchen organized and you know the drill, you will start banging through the lessons with the best of them.


Each Cook-Along lesson comes with a related shopping list and meal plan.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 7.14.56 PM

As well as pictures of the finished dishes.


These are customizable. The course provides lessons on customizing each Cook-Along to suit your diet and family size.



The Cook-Along lessons are like training wheels. You are not meant to use them forever, just while you are in training. Our goal is for you to fly on your own with no further assistance from us or anyone else.


The Freestyle lessons guide you to take what you learn during the Cook-Along lessons and craft your personal practice.

Think of mastering meal prep like mastering a musical instrument. The Cook-Along lessons are like a music instructor who shows you how to play the instrument and all of the notes. The Freestyle sessions are the songs you choose to play.


While the Cook-Alongs teach you how to make all your meals for the week in two hours, the Daily Lessons cover all the other aspects of an effective weekly meal-prep routine, including how to:

  • Shop quickly
  • Shop cheaply
  • Shop for the best ingredients available
  • Plan your meals quickly
  • Deal with those picky eaters
  • Plan meals based on the best ingredients available
  • Identify the equipment you need
  • Organize your kitchen for speed
  • Manage your refrigerator space
  • Stock your pantry for flavor not calories
  • Find the best storage containers
  • Heat and serve your meals using best practices
  • Pack lunches for work and school
  • Adjust your routine to your life’s changing circumstances
  • And much more…


The belt levels are there to help you pace your progress.

You are encouraged to remain at each belt level until you can hit the time target for that Cook-Along, but you are free to progress as you see fit.

Everyone begins at the White Belt-level and progresses in order though Black Belt.

You don’t need any cooking or meal-prep experience to begin, but the more you know the faster you will progress.

You do not need to be a Black Belt to have a meal-prep routine that does everything you want it to do. Four Weeks to Mastery will teach you everything you need to know. The following courses, Around The World in 28 Days and Four Weeks to Black Belt, help you make the most of your practice once you have developed it.

Each time you claim a new belt level, you will score points and receive a personalized belt badge.


Once you get into it, meal prep has a certain gamesmanship: Each week, you will want to top your performance from the previous week.

Our point system exists to reinforce this feeling and make the experience more fun. As you progress through the belts and complete other tasks, you score points. Eventually, you will be able to use your points to take advantage of special offers from our partners. Our points-reward store is in development, so for now, the points are their own reward.

Go for the high score!

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