The Five Reasons You Can’t Cook

“I go into people’s homes and teach them how to cook in one single crash course session. It starts by addressing why they can’t cook and blasting through those barriers. Here are the five most common obstacles I encounter and what to do about them.”


Your kitchen is set up for eating not cooking

The first sign of a misused kitchen is that your counters are covered with junk like magazines, mail, car keys and empty food cartons. What to do? Eat in another room. Keep your kitchen clean and clear. Nothing deflates your enthusiasm for cooking faster than a messy kitchen.


You are scared of the big knife

If you don’t know how to use the big knife (called a chef’s knife) you are almost always reaching for the wrong knife. Chopping and mincing with anything less than a chef’s knife is annoying. Learn to wield the big knife properly and you’ll start looking for things to chop up.


You don’t know when things are done cooking

Why go through the hassle of shopping, chopping, and seasoning ingredients if you are just going to burn or undercook them anyways? This is a mindset that stops a lot of people from taking on cooking. Knowing when things are done is easier than you think. A simple poke test with a fork will tell you most everything you need to know. Learn the poke test once and you will never forget it.


You don’t know the order of events

The first step in preparing a nice home cooked meal is NOT finding a recipe. By the time you have located a “quick and easy” recipe that fits your diet and looks appealing, I’ve already cooked and eaten my meal. The first step in cooking is to SHOP. This is followed in order by the next four moves: CHOP, SPRINKLE, POKE, and PLATE. I call these The 5 Moves of Cooking. Learn to do them in the correct order and you’ll never be at a loss in the kitchen again.


You’ve never had a true taste of success

The most satisfying thing to me as a teacher of home cooking is watching someone take their first bite of something they created from scratch. It’s a great moment. Their eyes light up. They can’t BELIEVE they actually made something they genuinely enjoy, something they wouldn’t be embarrassed to serve to someone else.  I ask if they think they can repeat the feat when I’m not around. Tentatively they start nodding. They think more. They start nodding more. It’s like they can’t believe they are saying yes. Then they break into a big smile. Another home cook is born! Get one taste of success and your feelings about cooking will go from dread to joy in that one moment.

I want you to have that feeling. Take my FREE Home Cooking Crash Course. In one week I’ll teach you how to go from zero to hero in the kitchen. You’ll learn skills to last a lifetime.

Even if you know how to cook it’s worth taking the course to revisit the fundamentals. Nothing has greater impact on your overall cooking than refining one of your fundamental practices.

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