“It’s like your Sunday self packing all these little gifts for your Monday through Friday self.”

– Lacy Hoff, Kitchen Karate practitioner

Imagine this scenario: It’s an hour past your normal lunchtime on a busy Tuesday. Famished and stressed, you’ve got half an hour to scarf down some food before your next meeting. You didn’t pack a lunch. Are you going to buy a meal that lives up to your standards of healthy eating and wash it down with a nice glass of water? Or, are you going to grab a sandwich, chips and diet soda?

Now imagine that same scenario again but this time you did pack a lunch, one that plates up in minutes, tastes great, and leaves you feeling energized. You can eat it in nice setting without having to pass displays of junk food to get there.

Meal prep allows you escape the pitfalls that come with waiting until you are hungry before deciding what to eat.

Taking time once a week to plan and prepare your meals empowers you to:

  • Establish and maintain healthy eating habits
  • Fill your diet with whole fresh ingredients
  • Develop your appreciation of real foods
  • Become more conscious of what you are eating
  • Expand your cooking skills
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Reduce food waste and spoilage
  • Support your local farms
  • Consume less processed foods and take-out meals which take a toll on your body and the environment

Making One Meal At a Time Is Too Slow

What if restaurants made one meal at a time? The order comes in, the chef goes and get the ingredients, preps the ingredients, seasons them, cooks them, plates the meal, cleans up from cooking… and then turns to the next order. That restaurant would be in business very long.

And yet, this is exactly how we approach home cooking.

Making one meal at a time may have worked back in a day when one person stayed home to do the cooking and cleaning. But who has that kind of time today?

It’s the year 2015, and yet we still approach home cooking like it’s 1915.

News flash: we no longer have the time to prepare every meal from scratch.

Does that mean we should stop preparing our own meals from scratch? No!

It means we should do it one meal at a time.

Let’s Beat Fast Food At It’s Own Game

Home cooking as a practice needs to catch up with the speed of life or it will continue to get beaten out by processed food options: fast food, frozen dinners, cheap take-out and delivery, pre-packaged meals on a shelf.

Making 15 meals in two hours allows you to cut your per meal time and cost down to eight minutes and under $5 per plate. And instead of eating who-knows-what from the food factory, you get to enjoy whole fresh ingredients made by you to suit your own diet and taste preferences.

Save One Meal At A Time Cooking For Special Occasions

Meal prep is for your everyday meals, the ones you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the workweek. We’re talking food-as-fuel, not as entertainment.

Meal prep is about giving your body what it needs to function at an optimal level while you are busy doing other things.

Special occasion meals are ones you can enjoy as entertainment when you have time to relax. That’s the time to go out to a nice restaurant or spend three hours in the kitchen cooking up one meal.

Too often we treat food as entertainment when it’s not play time. And our national waistline shows it.

Join The Meal Prep Revolution

It’s time to get off the processed food train and jump back on the home cooking wagon.

Let’s revolutionize the way we prepare our everyday meals.

Making one meal at a time is no longer working, so let’s try making 15 meals at time!

Meal preppers unite!


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